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From 1958 the performances took place - with a few exceptions - at Marionetteatern and where performed by the members of the company. For that reason only guest artists are mentioned in the list below.
The year of the opening performance is mentioned in brackets after the title of the performance.
Baptiste (1953)
Baptiste is a solo string puppet performing pantomimes after the principles of Etienne Decroux.
Puppet and puppeteer: Michael Meschke
Photo: Lennart Jacob
Benjamin (1953)
is a string puppet. Its first appearance was in the role of a young poet in Nocturne I. Later on he appeared in the performances Circus, Benjamin's Bravado, The Return of Benjamin, Benjamin's circus and Benjamin's House.
During many years he also appeared as Marionetteatern's own conferencier.
Photo: Marionetteaterns arkiv
A Soldier's Tale (1952 version I, 1959 version II) by C.F. Ramuz.
Music: Igor Stravinsky
Technique: String puppets and one actor
Direction and puppets: Michael Meschke
Stage design (1959): Gilbert Regazzoni
Guest artist: Anders Näslund as narrator
1965: Dortmund, Iserlohn and Berlin
Photo: Dagens Bild
The Tales of Hoffman (1959)
after E.T.A. Hoffmann
Translation: Michael Meschke
Music: Jacques Offenbach
Technique: String puppets
Direction and puppets: Michael Meschke
Stage design: Gilbert Regazzoni
Voices: Elisabeth Söderström and others
(The performance was televised 1975 by SVT, Sweden, producer: Agneta Ginsburg)
Photo: SVT, Sweden
The Prince of Homburg (1962)
by Heinrich von Kleist
Translation: Gösta Montelin
Music: Maurice Jarre
Technique: Rod puppets
Direction and puppets: Michael Meschke
Stage design: Staffan Westerberg
1988: new revival with the company of Ariel Bufano at Teatro Municipal San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Photo: Beata Bergström
The good Woman of Setchuan (1963)
by Bertolt Brecht
Translation: Ebbe Linde
Music: Torbjörn Lundqvist
Technique: Rod puppets
Direction and puppets: Michael Meschke
Stage design: Yngve Gamlin
(The performance was televised 1964 by SVT, Sweden)
Photo: Marionetteaterns arkiv
Ubu Roi (1964)
by Alfred Jarry
Translation: Sture Pyk
Music: Krzysztof Penderecki
Technique: Actors, masks and mixed puppet technique
Direction: Michael Meschke
Stage design and puppets: Franciszka Themerson
Guest artist: Allan Edwall as King Ubu (from 1965 Michel Meschke performed that part)
Guest performances:
1965 in Bucharest
1966 in Braunschweig, Rom and Aquila
1967 in Bremen, Haag (Holland Festival), Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Edinburgh (Edinburgh Festival)
1968 in Lund, Milan (Piccolo Teatro), Nancy (Festival Mondial du Théâtre), Munich and Kiel (Kieler Woche)
1969 in Oslo, Berlin, Toulouse and Belgrade
1970 in Reykjavik
1971 in Kopenhagen and Vienna (Wiener Festwochen)
1975 in Gütersloh, Bonn, Manizales, Bogotá, Caracas, Mexico City, Havana and Rennes
1988 in Sofia (1988 World Puppetry Festival), Nagoya (XV UNIMA Congress), Iida, Hachioji, Seoul and Manila
1989 in Reims
1990 in Dordrecht
(The performance was televised in 1972 by SVT, Sweden)
Photo: Beata Bergström
Divina Commedia (1970)
after Dante Alighieri and Olof Lagercrantz' book "Från helvetet till paradiset", (From Hell to Paradise)
Music: Pink Floyd and others
Direction: Michael Meschke
Stage design and masks: Lennart Mörk
Technique: Actors, masks and others
Guest artist: Jan Blomberg, Martin Lange, Åke Nygren, Seth Nilsson, Al Samfors, Jonas Uddemyr and others.
Guest performances:
1971 in Vienna (Wiener Festwochen), Kiel (Kieler Woche 1971) and Kopenhagen
Photo: Beata Bergström
The Little Prince (1973)
after Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Adaption by A. Jovanovic and Michael Meschke
Music: Karl-Erik Welin
Technique :mixed puppet technique and one actor
Direction: Michael Meschke
Stage design and puppets after the illustrations of the author
Guest performances:
1973 in Paris (TNP under director Jack Lang), Helsingfors and Taastrup
1974 in Helsingfors and Tabarka (Festival Tunisie de Tabarka)
Asian tour in 1974-75: in Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Hong Kong, Bangkok (at the National Theatre), Jakarta, Udaipur, New Delhi, Bombay and Ahmadabad
1975 in Wroclaw
1976 in Reykjavik (at the National Theatre)
1981 in Waasa
1991 in Stamsund, Bodö and Mo i Rana, Norway
2001 new revival of The Little Prince at Folkteatern, Gävle, on initiative of its Artistic leader Peter Oskarsson, who wished this performance continue being shown to a Swedish audience.
Guest performances:
2005 in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur
Photo: Beata Bergström
Fulger et muerte de Joaquin Murieta (1973)
by Pablo Neruda
Music: Mariela Ferreira
Technique: mixed puppet technique and actors
Direction, stage design and puppets: Michael Meschke
Guest artists: a Chilean orchestra, the actors Bo Lindström, Åke Nygren and others
Guest performances:
1974 in Helsingfors and Zurich
1976 in Moscow (International Puppet Theatre Festival, XII UNIMA Congress)
1977 in Barcelona
Photo: Beata Bergström
Antigone (1977)
by Sophocles
Translation: Hjalmar Gullberg
Music: Sven Berger
Technique: Japanese bunraku-technique
Direction, stage design and puppets: Michael Meschke
Guest artists: Satoko and Sven Berger, Jan Blomberg, Jan Malmsjö, Sif Ruud
Puppeteers: the ensemble of Marionetteatern and students from the Puppetry school at Marionetteatern.
In coproduction with the The Dramatic Theatre/Dramaten, Stockholm
The performance was presented at the inner court of Stockholm City Hall and at the Main stage of the The Dramatic Theatre/Dramaten, Stockholm
Guest performances:
1977 in Istanbul (opening performance), Ankara and Athens (Lykabettos Open Air Theatre)
Photo: Beata Bergström
Odysseus - Saga of the Sea (1978)
by Gösta Kjellin
Music: Dómna Samiou
Technique: Rod puppets
Direction and puppets: Michael Meschke
Guest performances:
1979 in London (Puppet Theatre '79 Festival) and Waasa
1985 in Palermo and Witten, Germany.
Photo: Lesley Leslie-Spinks
The Saga of Oedipus (1980)
by Aeschylus, Euripides och Sophocles.
Five plays in adaption by Gösta Kjellin and Michael Meschke
Translations: Tord Baeckström, Hjalmar Gullberg and Emil Zilliacus
Technique: actors, masks and mixed puppet technique
Direction: Michael Meschke
Stage design, puppets, masks and costumes: Lennart Mörk
Guest artists: Jonas Bergström, Jan Blomberg, Palle Granditsky, Marie Göranzon, Mathias Henrikson, Irene Lindh, Jan Malmsjö, Sif Ruud, Ulla Sjöblom, Jan-Olof Strandberg, Frank Sundström och Birgitta Valberg
In coproduction with the The Dramatic Theatre/Dramaten, Stockholm
Guest performances:
1980 in Thessalonica (opening performance) and Athens (Lykabettos Open Air Theatre)
In Stockholm the performance was presented in a tent in the court of the Armémuseet
Photo: Lesley Leslie-Spinks
Ramayana (1984)
excerpt from the great epos by Valmiki, retold by William Buck
Adaption and translation: Michael Meschke
Music: from the classical Thai repertory
Technique: dancers, musicians, actors and mixed puppet technique
Direction: Michael Meschke
Stage design and puppets after the mural paintings at the Wat Prah Kaew temple in Bangkok.
International company: consisting of puppeteers Francois Boulay, Greta Bruggeman, Monika Meschke-Barth and Silvie Osman, mime artist Tony Sasivanji- Forsman, Michaela Meschke and Somporn Fourrage as well as Thai dancers and musicians from Bangkok and Stockholm.
Guest performances:
1984 in Bangkok(opening performance), Tokyo, Nagoya, Sapporo, Dresden (XIV UNIMA Congress) and Paris
1985 in Athens
Photo: André Lafolie

Ramayana (2004) revival of the performance upon the initiative of Dr Kusuma Venzky-Stalling, lecturer at Thammasat University. The performance was presented at Thailand Cultural Centre, Bangkok, with professional Thai artists and students from Thammasat-, Chulalongkorn- and Silipakorn University.
Irish Legend (1986)
in co production with the Swedish Royal Theatre/Operan after Irische Legende, an opera by Werner Egk
Translation: Michael Meschke
Music adaption: Björn Hallman after Werner Egk
Technique: singers, actors and mixed puppet technique
Direction: Michael Meschke
Puppets: Monika Meschke-Bart
Actor: Christian Berling
Singers: Christina Green, Ingrid Häggström, Ulf Johansson, Dorrit Kleimert, Karl-Robert Lindgren, Gunnar Randin and Inger Stark
Mime artists: Vlado Juras and Soji Kawakita
Puppeteers: François Boulay, Greta Bruggeman and Sylvie Osman
Photo: Enar Merkel Rydberg
Don Quixote (1988)
after Miguel Cervantes, in adaption by Michael Meschke
Technique: mixed puppet technique, masks and actors
Direction: Michael Meschke
Guest artists 1988: Teater Tarayena, Arunee Vasanserekul and Toru Senuma
Guest performances:
1988 in Barcelona, Andorra, Madrid, Bilbao and Zaragoza
1989 in Sevilla, Alcala de Henares, Hydra, Umeå, Fredrikstad and Reims
1990 in Waasa, Porto Alegre, Bello Horizonte, Recife, Santiago de Chile, Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Rosario
1991 in Chania, Rethymon and Charleville-Mézières (Festival Mondial des Théâtre de Marionnettes)
1992 in Nantou, Shinying and Taipei
1993 in Kristiansand
Photo: Patricia Leeson
The children of Sarajevo (1994)
by Michael Meschke
Music: folk music from Ex-Yugoslavia
Technique: actor and table puppets
Direction, stage design and puppets: Michael Meschke
Guest performances:
1995 in Saint Petersburg and Perugia
Photo: Henrik Lundqvist
The Apocalypse Trial (English version) 1996
Collage with excerpts from Mahatma Gandhi, Dante Alighieri, Alfred Jarry, August Strindberg, Cervantes, Bertolt Brecht, Sophocles and others.
Direction: Michael Meschke
Music: Homero Alvarez
Technique: actors and mixed puppet technique
Guest artists from Finland, France and Sweden
Guest performances:
1996 i Åbo (opening night), New Delhi, Calcutta, Bangkok and Rhodes
Photo: Kersten Felzmann

Apokalypsen (Swedish version) 1998
Guest artists: Jorge Onofri, Margareta Hallin, Thomas Lundqvist, Arne Högsander, Magnus Erenius and others
Orchestra: Stockholms Akademiska orkester
Conductor: Helena Söderman
In co operation with Dramatiska institutet,
Faust (1997)
by Wolfgang Martin Schede after old folktales
Direction: Michael Meschke
Original string puppets: Harro Siegel
Guest performances:
1997 in Braunschweig (XIV International Puppet Theatre Festival) 1998 in New Delhi
Photo: Marionetteaterns arkiv
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