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Dockteaterlådan - en handledning om docktillverkning (The Puppet Chest - A Beginner´s Guide for Making Puppets), 1975

!Una estetica para el teatro de titeres! (Aesthetics for the Puppet Theatre) in cooperation with Margareta Sörenson, 1988

En estetik för dockteater! (Aesthetics for the Puppet Theatre) in cooperation with Margareta Sörenson, 1989

In Search of Aesthetics for the Puppet Theatre in cooperation with Margareta Sörenson, 1992

Grenzüberschreitungen, (Crossing Borders), 1996

Marionettisten, memoarer (The Marionettiste, Memoirs), 2002

"Theatre at Your Fingertips" in Greek, 2004

Michael Meschke, texter om dockteater 1949-2004, (Michael Meschke, Texts on Puppet Theatre, 1949-2004), 2006

"Three Greek Myths", in Greek, 2007

A theatre – an era, testimonies about the Stockholm Marionetteatern and the Marionettmuseum, 2009

Visages ( Faces) Photographic interpretations by Michael Amandus Kersten, 2009

Le théâtre au bout des doigts (Theatre at Your Fingertips), 2012

Photo: Marionettmuseet    

Michael Meschke
- a selection of publications

Rapport d'un voyage en Asie (Report from a journey through Asia), 1982

L'impuissance enragée (Enraged impotence), 1990

Theatre Space - A Space for Love, 1991

A chaque art sa place (To every art its place), 1992

Ethics and the Artist, 1996

Time in Theatre - Magic Time, 1996

Internationalism and Puppet Theatre, 2000

Quitter le Ghetto de la marionnette - (Leaving the Puppetry Ghetto), 2000

Comment renouveler les traditions sans les détrouire (How to Renew Traditions without Destroying them), 2002

Arts and Education, 2002

Mettre en commun les experience, (To Share Experience), 2002

Le Musée de la marionnette à Stockholm, (The International Puppet Theatre Museum in Stockholm), 2006

Nang Yai, a Dramatic Art Form from Thailand, 2005

The Marionettes of Burma - A Threatened Tradition, 2006-2007

Liten manual, för fackmannamässig hantering av dockteatersamlingar, (Guide for Professional Handling of Puppet Collections), 2007

Liten handledning i att missa kvalitet på dockteatern, (How to Miss Quality in Puppetry, a Small Guide), 2008

La manipulation (Puppet Manipulation), 2008

- unpublished fiction
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about Japan
Relations between European and Japanese Puppet Theatre (1979), The Narrow Eye (1985), Kuruma ningyo-player (1987), Crows over Tokyo (1999), Tokyo Fantasy (1999), Kyoto Festival (1999), Kyoto Festival (1999)

about Burma
My Mandalay (2003)

about Thailand
Night Train to Sura Thani (1979), Island (1979), Crazy Moon (1979), Living in Bangkok (1982), Dreaming Nang Yai, Wat Prah Kaew Revisited

about Greece
Crazy Wind over Mykonos (1985), The Fascisme and After, Cat Life in Greece (1997), Thebe, National Museum, Cultural Exchange

- CD-Rom
Where are the Puppets? - Puppets in the European Museums, 2001

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